Brand Owners

The structure of conventional vending operations has often meant that brand owners manage the vending channel from a distance and separate to their core sales operations. The transparency, speed and accuracy of data provided by the VendExpert Management System puts brand managers in full control with the ability to maximise current location sales, develop new revenue and enhance brand quality.

Why should brand owners use VendExpert

Increased profits

  • By-machine management identifies the most profitable product ranges to stock.
  • Minimised merchandiser downtime, improves customer experience and encourages repeat purchasing.
  • Lower service costs through minimum merchandiser downtime.
  • Category management builds a picture of how and where each product line should be sold. Enables comprehensive comparison of vending against counter sales.
  • Contactless payment modules offer sales increase by up to 50%

Improved channel operations

  • Asset Management – merchandiser location tracking and performance monitoring.
  • Improved up-time and accurate, by-location merchandiser stocking adds value to location owners offering.
  • Full profit and loss reporting by machine, location, customer, region and product.

Brand enhancement

  • Brand development through on-machine advertising and sales promotions.
  • New Product Development (NPD) - scalable trials, instantaneous sales monitoring, self service reporting.

Vending Operators

The combination of VendExperts unique mapping-based operational management system together with its powerful bespoke reporting interface provides all the information you need to deliver the service that customers with increasing high expectations require. Supported by accurate financial information, you will be able to minimise back-office costs, improve cash flow and effectively plan for forward investment.

Why should vending operators use VendExpert?

Increased profits

  • Reduced back office, paperwork and admin costs.
  • Increased per-machine profitability up to 20%.
  • Improved financial efficiency through reduced debtor days and banking charges.
  • Reduced fuel costs through optimum route planning.
  • 100% cash and stock reconciliation eliminates shrinkage.
  • Contactless payment modules offer sales increase by up to 50%.

Improved operations

  • Overall efficiency raised by up to 25%.
  • Dynamic scheduling provides accurate planning and routing efficiency.
  • Pre-kitting provides accurate stock management.
  • Kerbside polling capability ensures 100% single-visit merchandiser replenishment.
  • Maximum merchandiser up-time through per-visit health checks.
  • Non-telemetry merchandisers can be added to stocking routines.
  • Staff contingency planning.
  • Handheld device compatible.

Site & Location Owners

Whether for a single location or across multiple sites, outsourced or self-filled, profit or non-profit making, VendExpert allows complete access to your on-site vending operations enabling you to deliver the best vending experience for your customers. The systems monitoring and reporting functions are highly versatile and can be tailored to precisely suit your current business environment and adapted with you as you grow.

Why should owners use VendExpert

  • Transparency and control of all vending operations.
  • Closer relationship with brands and third party operators allow more profitable response to opportunities.
  • Versatile financial reports by merchandiser, site, account, and brand enable planning and maximum profitability.
  • Increased up-time and 100% stocking improves customer experience.
  • Whole site analysis identifies strength/weaknesses and product seasonality.
  • Contactless payment compatibility will increase turnover and customer satisfaction.

Machine Manufacturers

In developing the next generation of vendors and merchandising systems, operations data from the field will prove invaluable in achieving new levels of performance and reliability. Customers are now more demanding and have higher expectations of all retail technologies – VendExpert will prove an essential partner for manufacturers looking to harness every future opportunity.

Why should manufacturers use VendExpert

  • Improved reliability and functionality will increase sales volumes.
  • Higher demand from value-added enhanced user interface/experience.
  • Future proofed technology platform.
  • Brand enhancement by association with ViTel technology.
  • Provision of extended equipment warranties.