System Overview

The VendExpert Management System is a unique software platform specifically designed to maximize vending profitability. By harnessing the benefits of both GSM wireless telemetry and secure online data processing, VendExpert realizes, for the first time, the full potential of remote M2M (Machine to Machine) monitoring, providing you with multi-level, real-time access to front line management information.

Combining accurate data capture with VendExpert’s adaptive software architecture the control of every aspect of the vending supply/operational chain can be optimized and be tailored to the individual requirements of any business. For brand owners, vending operators, machine manufacturers and vending location owners, the VendExpert Management System is proven to deliver cost savings, greater customer satisfaction and increased sales.

How it Works

Providing the essential link between each vending machine and the central VendExpert Management System is the ViTel telemetry unit. Compatible with standard operational protocols, ViTel can be easily installed into virtually any vending machine anywhere in the world without the need for any specialized supplementary equipment.

The central platform within the VendExpert Management System co-ordinates the activities of all the ViTel units (and other telemetry devices linked to it) and allows almost infinite scalability.

Once installed, the ViTel is maintenance free and will provide years of robust operation during which time it can be fully controlled, monitored and updated remotely.

System Features