Instantaneous reporting using real-time sales and stock data will provide total control of all financial operations through your business’ own secure online portal.

  • Instantaneous profit and loss reporting by region, route and vendor. 100% cash reconciliation.
  • 100% accurate invoice generation.
  • Reduced invoicing periods – reduced debtor days.

Sales And Stock Management

The easy functionality and concise reporting enables better planning and control of your vending business, allowing you to manage the your cost base more accurately, and reducinge the potential for product and cash shrinkage. It allows the operator and brand owner to apply full category management disciplines to machines, ensuring better stock management, reducing the stock of slow moving products both in the warehouse and at the vending machine. Used as part of your daily process you will increase efficiency, reduce cost, drive rate of sale and increase profit.

  • Real-time sales tracking per product.
  • Full category management to maximise sales volumes by product, by vendor and by sales channel.
  • Elimination of product shrinkage.
  • Forecast-based warehouse stock control.

Operations Management

Redefine your business. From back office to on-the-road operations the VendExpert Management System will deliver greater efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • Route planning and consolidation.
  • Route location progress monitoring.
  • Kerbside polling.
  • Pre-kitting and by-location stock management.
  • Service ticketing and scheduling.
  • ‘By exception’ priority vendor management.

Contactless Payment

The move towards the introduction of contactless payment systems such as PayPass and PayWave will fundamentally change the vending industry and open significant new commercial opportunities across all sectors. Pilot studies have already demonstrated that the elimination of the cash-only purchase model will increase sales by 20-50%.

This fundamental change in how goods are paid for will create a new retail environment and with it a completely new generation of vending merchandisers.

Vianet is ahead of curve and has, in partnership with the world’s leading banking and credit card organisations, developed a range of robust telemetry modules that can capitalise on contactless payment systems and the introduction of interactive vending machines.

All our telemetry devices can be fitted with our range of payment modules, which support both Contactless Card payment (ISO 14443) and Mobile Telephone payment (via NFC).